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Never Take Medicine Without Consulting The Doctor.

Abu Saadat Thursday, August 09, 2018

Medicines have become a part of our life because every one of us needs them at least once in the life. It’s The Science of Healing, prevention of disease and the promotion of health if you take it properly. Any medicines whether natural or allopathic generally have side effects, if you misuse them, your health will be considerably damaged. So please Never take medicines without consulting the doctor.

Without the doctor’s prescription, there are few medicines that are okay to be taken like vitamin and protein supplements, but we have to ask the doctor about the dosage. So that, Doctor would study your body thoroughly by the medical tests and ensure proper dosage that will help you in getting the desired result within a short span of time. Otherwise, some medicine has difficult to overstate the positive and negative impact such as antibiotics. It kills harmful bacteria, these essential medications have saved millions of lives once at risk for a variety of deadly diseases.

So, everyone needs medicines, Before taking medicine you should have to know some instructions.

1. Ask your doctor to take medicines before or after a meal.

2. Know about food which is harmful after taking medicines. Specially it very important for     children because every organ of children are very sensitive. 

3. You have to know how to preserve medicines because different types of medicine have     the different types of preservation system.

4. Complete the dosage all those you feel better or Heal.

5. Don’t take medicine which has given by the doctor for other persons all those you guys have the same disease.


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Never Take Medicine Without Consulting The Doctor.

Medicines have become a part of our life because every one of us needs them at least once ...

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