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Norium 10mg (Tablet)

Manufactured by: Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd.

Flunarizine Similar medicine

Norium is indicated for Migraine, Vertigo, Peripheral vascular disease, Cerebrovascular disorders, Vestibular disorders

Precautions and warnings

Driving or operating machinery, epilepsy, elderly, CVS disease, glaucoma.


Drowsiness. Rarely wt gain, headache, depression, gastric pain, dry mouth, insomnia, extrapyramidal reactions, galactorrhoea.

Drug Interactions

Plasma levels reduced by phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproic acid.


Pregnancy, lactation, GI or urinary tract obstruction, acute porphyrias.

Mode of actions

Flunarizine has H1-receptor blocking action and calcium-channel blocking effect. It has also been used as an adjunct epileptic therapy for patients refractory to standard treatment regimens.

Dosage & Administration

Adult: PO Migraine prophylaxis; Prophylaxis of peripheral and cerebrovascular disorders; Prophylaxis of vertigo and vestibular disorders 5-10 mg/day at bedtime.

Pregnancy & Lactation

FDA has not yet classified the drug into a specified pregnancy category.